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Hydro excavating

 Hydro excavating to prevent damage to fiber-optic lines

Why Hydro excavating is perfect for you project?

While backhoes, trenchers, and the trusty shovel all have their place in excavation, there are situations where these tools can do more harm than good. Considerable problems arise if an underground power line, water line, or fiber optic wire is struck. Thus, a less destructive option has been developed that minimizes the risks involved when digging into the soil. This technique is known as Hydro Excavation and uses water to accomplish both searching and evacuating dirt safely. With hydro excavation, the risk of damage to underground utilities or features that metal implements could easily damage is avoided. Hydro excavation is a simple process that works by using water to break the soil apart and create a slurry that is then vacuumed into a debris tank for disposal. In the end, it is a technique that is safe, efficient and creates far fewer environmental impacts than other methods. Further, hydro excavation requires less backfill, labor, and restoration when the project is complete. All of these benefits make hydro excavation ideal for many tasks and projects.

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