Septic Tank Septic System

Nothing is worse than a Septic Tank Pumping Service backing up. That is why, If you’re on a septic system, you need a reliable septic pumping and cleaning service.

We present you the best in California: SWE Underground & Construction is a licensed and bonded septic pumping contractor that has been in business for over 11 years.

What happens if I don’t get my septic tank pumped?

A clean septic system means a healthy waste removal process from your home or business and the surrounding properties.

So, when a septic tank becomes overfilled, it doesn’t function well, and the potential for spillage increases.

Property owners who neglect their Septic Tank Pumping Service not only risk raw sewage spillages, clogs, and flooding. But all the structure of the house.

Don’t wait for your septic tank to become an expensive major repair or have a system breakdown.

How do I maintain my Septic Tank Septic System?

Get it pumped regularly, inspect and maintain. Residential systems might only need Septic Tank Pumping Service once every couple of years.

Commercial systems require more frequent cleaning and pumping.

Septic tanks also require annual inspections, that is why you must keep septic tank lids easily accessible, closed, and secured.

At SWE Underground & Construction, we offer environmentally friendly septic pumping and cleaning services for all systems.

Our goal is to make sure your Septic Tank Septic system works without fail and doesn’t put you at risk.

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